Viva Naturals Core Values


You can’t believe in your ability to reach your goals unless you know what you believe in first. That’s why our values are the foundation of everything we do, the building blocks of our identity. 

1. Be Obsessed With Finding A Better Way

Of course we believe our products are already exceptional—but that doesn’t stop us from constantly finding ways to improve them. We hold ourselves to ridiculously high standards, because our customers trust us with something that can’t be taken lightly: their health.

And it’s not just our products—we find ways to elevate everything we touch. We search for efficiencies in every process, often doing more with less. We think differently, and relentlessly pursue excellence. And we extend this thinking to self-improvement as well. We approach each day with the humility to recognize our weaknesses, and the commitment to develop both ourselves and those around us.

2. Deliver “WHOA” Experiences

That’s right, we said “Whoa.” Because we can’t imagine a better reaction than one that stops someone in their tracks by shattering their expectations. We over-deliver for our customers every step of the way, and let their feedback fuel our future plans. We go out of the way for our teammates, happy to step outside our comfort zones and pitch in when we’re needed. We don’t waste our time on the predictable—our aim is to inspire awe and drop jaws.

3. Make The World A Better Place

We strive to make a positive impact with everything we do, and have fun while we’re at it. Sure, it’s ambitious—but when we succeed, the results are worth it. After all, well-being is at the heart of our brand, and that starts with happiness.

  • Customers – We optimize their health with effective products that are heavily backed by research and proven to work. We make the world’s most exclusive, premium ingredients accessible by translating high-volume supplier discounts into affordable retail prices. And we educate them on staying healthy through compelling content.
  • Suppliers & Growers – We collaborate with our partners to respect, support and benefit their communities in meaningful ways.
  • Coworkers – We provide the best workplace environment by nurturing each other with guidance, encouragement, or simply a smile in the hallway.
  • Humankind – We enhance the lives of people everywhere with charitable donations, and lend our time to causes that make a profound impact.