Viva Naturals Vivid Vision


We recently had the opportunity to travel 3 years into the future—all the way to December 31st, 2019. You’re probably wondering if we’re all commuting to Viva HQ in self-driving cars, but that’s our little secret. What we will share is what we saw for the future of Viva Naturals: as a company, as a brand, as a lifestyle.

We’re inviting you to peer into our Vivid Vision for Viva (say that 5 times fast), a snapshot of what we experienced in this glimpse at our next chapter. We saw incredible things in store for us, and we want to take you—our colleagues, partners and customers—along on the journey. 



With more than 200 products and an ever-growing list of patents, we define the industry’s gold standard—and outshine the competition. We never stop improving on our existing product lineup, and we never stop innovating what comes next, diving into new categories like aromatherapy and beauty. We’re always ready to meet our customers’ ever-changing wellness needs, with boundary-pushing products that blaze trails others can only attempt to follow.

For us, high quality isn’t enough. We want skyscraper quality, stratosphere quality…you get the drift. We scour the globe to unearth its finest ingredients and provide them in optimal concentrations. We put each of our products through stringent testing, maintain Good Manufacturing Practices, and use FDA-approved facilities. We ensure that every product is certified non-GMO and Halal, most are kosher, and none contain controversial ingredients or fillers (we like to keep the peace). The high turnaround of our in-demand inventory ensures that our customers receive the freshest possible product. And we’re so confident in what we put out there that we offer a 1-year money-back guarantee on every product so customers don’t hesitate to try something new. That’s why they trust us unconditionally with their most prized possession: their health.

The Viva Naturals name is now more visible than ever, with an explosion of new retail outlets and online vendors in over 35 countries. Our retail partners love working with us because our products fly off the shelves (and zoom into virtual shopping carts). Our newly revamped, award-winning packaging is like eye candy for consumers, making every jar, bottle and bag irresistible—and stimulating sales even further.


The culture at Viva Naturals is the “secret sauce” in our recipe for success. We’re a model company both within our industry, and in the business world as a whole.

We’re an employer of choice and have won numerous prestigious awards for our culture, growth and management. Our reputation makes other companies look up to us, and top candidates want to sign up with us.

Our status as a talent magnet means we can be choosy—and our rigorous hiring process ensures that we only end up with team members who fit like a glove. These are people who bring their A-game, who believe in our “why,” and who know how to have a good laugh while doing good in the world. We only work with the most energized, creative and committed individuals. Everyone has clear roles and responsibilities, and knows that their work matters not just in the company’s bigger picture, but also the world’s. We celebrate successes, learn from mistakes, and grow together.

Our staff lives and breathes the brand, enthusiastically using and recommending our products to spread the Viva love. And they recommend joining our team just as enthusiastically. That’s mostly because of the amazing work we do—but the awesome environment and perks don’t hurt, either. Our modern open concept office is inviting, teamwork-friendly, and buzzing with energy. We offer a private workout facility, on-site yoga classes and nutritious lunches and snacks. (As if you’d expect anything less.) We invite industry professionals to educate our staff about improving their health and quality of life. And we know that no one can be fired up at work if they’re burned out, so we offer a minimum of four weeks PTO and flexible hours—and make sure everyone actually uses it.


You don’t see any Viva Naturals billboards blaring our name, because we don’t believe in promoting ourselves through mass advertising—we don’t need to. Instead, we build customers’ trust by educating them about the goodness (benefits) of a healthy, natural lifestyle, and help them achieve it by creating the best products on the market.

We do this with our regular column in a major print publication, and our award-winning wellness and product development blogs. Our audience devours each of our posts, which are the perfect balance of factual yet fun-to-read. Our website is considered a leading content hub on health. The how-to videos on our YouTube channel spread like wildfire through every social media platform. Over one million readers and viewers make up our audience, and whether we’ve taught them a new way to use coconut oil or changed their entire lifestyle—they don’t hesitate to write in and rave about it. (We love a little flattery, but we also love knowing we’re having an impact.)

Educating on an interactive basis is important to us as well. We host health webinars, have our staff nutritionists give private consultations, and speak at local schools about eating right, because nothing beats getting in a little face time.

All this nutritional know-how has gotten us noticed as thought leaders in the natural product space. Influential bloggers, health care providers and big-time personalities discuss, recommend and promote our products, often without being asked. We’re regularly invited to speak to the media at conferences and events, and we’re seen in the press at least once a week. Viva Naturals has become the voice of the industry—and a household name.


One of the best parts about being such a health-driven company? We have the stamina to go the extra mile for our customers—the lifeblood of Viva Naturals. We regularly research their needs so we can fulfill them, and listen to their feedback so we can address it. Our Wellness Team is made up of true rock stars, and their product smarts, rapid responses and upbeat attitudes have given them the fans to prove it. When the rare hiccup does occur, we acknowledge it and get to work fixing the problem—even if it means taking a loss to do right by our customers. That’s what builds the trust that keeps them coming back.

In fact, the majority of our sales come from customers who consider Viva so vital, they choose to sign up for our auto-delivery program. These loyalists can’t live without our products—and they never have to, because their favorites arrive on their doorstep each month like clockwork.

Whether it’s our stellar service or the huge difference our products have made in their lives, our customers return the favor by helping us rack up glowing reviews. They spread the word to friends and family, and take time to show love through mail, live chat, email and social media—we’ve received over 100,000 positive testimonials to date. We’ll admit it: sometimes we scroll through them for an instant mood boost, and a reminder of why we come to work each day.


Many of those 5-star customer reviews can be traced back to our partners—the source of our A+ ingredients and state-of-the-art production. Cream-of-the-crop suppliers and manufacturers frequently reach out to us because they know we’re at the top of our game. Still, we screen each one, upholding our values by only working with farmers committed to sustainability and fair trade practices.

We build solid and lasting relationships with our supply and manufacturing partners, crossing the globe to pay them regular visits. They’re wowed by our wisdom, and often tell us it keeps them accountable, pushing them to improve their processes and raw materials. They keep us on our toes, too, eagerly informing us of the latest product concepts and technologies so we can be first-to-market.

Of course, our partners see the care that goes into crafting our products firsthand—which is why their cabinets at home are all stocked with Viva Naturals.


The fact that our products improve our customers’ lives every day is a given. But we’re committed to going beyond our customer base, and helping humanity as a whole—from our local community to our farmers far and wide.

Giving back is a value that’s deeply rooted in the DNA of Viva Naturals. As a company, we aim to make a palpable change in the world through education, hands-on help and financial donations. Our employees—from interns to top execs—share our passion for doing good. They take paid days off to assist in local charity work, and team up to participate in fundraising activities. We post all of these altruistic efforts on our company website, so customers know they’re supporting a brand with a conscience.

Nothing gives us the warm-and-fuzzies like sharing our wellness resources and expertise to help create a healthier world. Whether we’re educating the next generation at regional schools, donating products to keep underprivileged kids and moms-to-be healthy, or bettering our suppliers’ communities with rewarding work, we truly believe we can make an impact, one person at a time.

Of course, we can’t help the planet’s people (or harvest its natural bounty) if there’s no planet—so we make sure to take care of Mother Earth, too. Sustainability is a crucial part of our company ethos, and we’re committed to keeping the place we call home as healthy as we want to keep its inhabitants.

We believe that simply being carbon neutral isn’t enough, so we push harder to ensure that we’re carbon negative (it’s the only time we consider negativity a good thing). We know that removing CO2—not just offsetting it—is the only way to make a real impact on our wounded planet. We also practice eco-awareness by having a third party audit our carbon footprint, and teaching our suppliers to reduce theirs. We even power Viva HQ with renewable energy, and subsidize the transit costs of commuting staffers. Bottom line? Every day is Earth Day around here.


We’re back from our trip to the future of Viva Naturals! We hope you enjoyed the ride (and aren’t too jet-lagged). We feel the promise of tomorrow surging through us, and we are HYPED. We know that when we look back on this list of goals in 3 years, we’ll be able to say, “Done, done and done.”

Our dreams begin today, and we humbly hope that you’ll help us make them a reality. We’re grateful for your support so far, and would love to hear from you—whether you want to comment on our vision, or help it crystallize. (Or if you just want to chat about time travel. We’ve kind of become experts at that, too.)

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